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The work efficiency of YK series of circular vibrating screen improved by leaps and bounds


From the use of a vibrating screen, it is applicable in screening small sand material and the construction waste disposal. At the same time, its application equipment is different, also indicates that the circular vibrating screen plays a different role in the whole framework.

Juxin machinery according to the principle of circular vibrating screen, coupled with the new concept for the design and developed the YK series of circular vibrating screen with high efficiency sieving function. Through the screen size of the material screening, we also increased double screen, three screen, four screen technology, so it is applicable to wet material.

Advantages of YK series of circular vibrating screen:1) compared with old equipment, YK series of circular vibrating screen is not easy to be blocked. 2)It can prevent dust leakage effectively. 3)The fuselage uses the technology, which effectively ensures the work space clean. In summary, the YK series device has the advantages of simple operation, it can bring more efficient screening efficiency at work; at the same time, the safety operation, the machine failure rate is reduced. Juxin machinery have been the preferred brand and new YK series vibrating screen can reduce the material blockage when works, which make it more convenient for customers.