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Why should we use single-stage impact crusher to broke construction waste?


The name single-stage impact crusher comes from: the general crushing process is divided into several stages, which must through the first broken then carry out second broken. We usually use jaw crusher in the first stage of crushing and use impact crusher in the second stage of crushing. The so-called single-stage crushing, it means to skip the jaw crusher of first stage, the material is passed to the impact crusher directly, just like the mobile construction waste disposal equipment. The mobile crushing station is first choice of construction waste, and the working principle is that the silo directly into the impact crusher to crushing material.

Advantages of Single-stage impact crusher in construction waste disposal: In fact, ring hammer can also be a single - stage processing and achieve do single section disposal, but it has significant limitations on the choice of materials, such as ring hammer crusher can only handle limestone, soft material.  Although the hardness of construction waste is not high, concrete iron is the most fundamental reason that ring hammer crusher cannot disposal the construction waste. The ring hammer crusher cannot bear the hard thing, so if the concrete iron goes into the plate hammer ring hammer crusher with construction waste, the machine will not work normally. But the ring hammer crusher also has its own advantages, if it is used in stone production, production capacity of the machine is bigger than general crusher.

The difference between the so-called counterattack breaking and single-stage impact crusher breaking mainly exits in structure. The single-stage crusher has larger crushing port and discharging port than normal impact crusher and the counterattack plate turn to be two blocks from three blocks. This is also the differences between PF series and HC series of impact crusher.