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Analysis of the development trend of small crusher in the future market


Judging from the overall situation, China's small crusher has not yet formed the scale of exports, in general some of the domestic private operations will choose small crusher equipment, they choose small crusher for the following reasons:

One, from the structure, small crusher has generally more simple structure, performance is also more secure and reliable. Such as SMS series of hydraulic cone crusher produced by Juxin reflect the simple and reliable design concept.

Two, from the price point of view, the price is relatively cheap. Compared with large crusher, the price range of small crusher is relatively large, generally from 80 thousand to 500 thousand, which makes more customers have enough space to choose. Many private operators will choose small crushing equipment, that is to say small crusher has broader user base.

Although the market development trend of the small crusher is good, with energy initiative of our country, the future development direction is to improve the crushing efficiency of the small crusher. So in the second half of 2013, Juxin machinery launched its modern green small type crushing equipment with high crushing efficiency.