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Six advantages of Juxin mobile crushing station


One, it works directly and effectively on the spot. Mobile crushing station tot only can be used independently, but also can provide more flexible machine process configuration according to the different requirements of customers to meet the needs of users on mobile crushing machine, and a variety requirements of mobile screening, make the logistics transport more efficient and reduce the cost to minimum.

Two, the flexible combination. The mobile crushing station used integrated equipment installation form with feeding, conveying, installing form breaking integration equipment and so on. That can not only eliminate the assembly complex operation, but also can reduce the material and time consumption. This machine has the reasonable and compact space layout, which does not occupy the site, but also improve the flexibility of field presence.

Three, convenient maintenance and reliable performance. Convenient maintenance has been the key reason that Juxin machinery obtains good after-sale service reputation. The mobile crushing station has been optimized and strengthened, which further has the advantages of higher strength, better performance, and more compact structure.

Four, low cost of material transportation. Reduce the material cost of transportation mainly reflects on that Juxin series mobile crushing station can processing material on the spot, its biggest advantage is to reduce the material cost of transportation.

Five, strong adaptability. The mobile crushing station can according to the different requirements of the crushing process and the demand of customer to form the "first crushed sieve", or "screening broken" process. And the mobile crushing station can be combined into two or three sections of crushing and screening system according to the actual demand. Beside these, the device can run independently in the work and transportation with high flexibility.

Six, strong mobility. The short length of Juxin series mobile crushing station can according to different crushing equipment to use movable chassis independently, so that it can make wheelbase shorter and the turning radius smaller, so the machine can flexible driving on the work spot or the road.