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Energy saving and emission reduction plan for rotary drum dryer


Rotary drum dryer requires a lot of heat energy when evaporating waterthese heat energy will be discharged with the exhaust gas, thereby it not only raising the operating costs, but also cause environmental pollution, so it is a high energy consumption equipment. And with the rise of energy costs and environmental protection requirements increase, energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction work is becoming increasingly urgent and important.

Now we’ll introduce the composition and working principle of cylinder type dryer drum: cylinder type rotary drum drying machine is mainly composed of circular net, circulating fan, exhaust fan, radiator, main drive, frame, hot compartment, plumbing and electrical control parts. When the main conveyor belt passes through the circular net to convey the material from the inlet to the outlet, the circulating fan drives the air to circulate in the drying room the air is heated through the heat radiator and through the material inside the water heating and evaporation. Exhaust fan will make the water vapor of the material discharge from drying room timely to keep the lower relative humidity of the air in the drying room.

Consumption analysis of the type of drum dryer in drying machine: energy, material transport, air circulation, heating, temperature control and exhaust the electric energy consumption can reach reasonable consumption level by electrical control, which is Unrecyclable utilization. In energy consumption, water evaporation material heat is about 50%-70%. To sum up by analyzing the proportion of the heat consumption of each part of the dryer, put forward the correct energy reuse program for the waste heat of waste gas, clear heat pipe rotary device recycling heat energy saving and emission reduction is an important way of heat the correct energy reuse scheme.