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How to do daily maintenance for rotary drum dryer furnace?


It is similar to the principle and the daily maintenance of the hot blast stove of the rotary drum dryer and the hot blast stove. In view of some problems that will arise in the late period of the hot blast stove, each manufacturer should do well in the daily maintenance, so that the problem can be eliminated.

To do daily drum dryer hot blast furnace maintenance, the first thing to know is the influence of the coal source on the hot blast stove. The good quality of the coal produced less flue gas and small particles in the smoke. by the combustion of coal. So we should choose the good quality source of coal. Secondly, the rotary drum dryer in the hot air furnace for a thorough cleaning of the heat exchanger, cleaning up the need to pay attention to the temperature of the heat exchange tube. It must be in the heat exchanger to achieve a safe temperature to enter the cleaning work. Again, before the rotary drum dryer heat exchanger, we do not add cold water first to avoid the formation of water vapor, because the adhesion of the object to be cleaned in the role of water vapor will stick in the wall, not clean. Then, in the last section is the air heater is easy to clean, it can be bold. Finally, the part is fixed, especially the filter.

The work of hot blast stove of rotary drum dryer directly affects the smooth running of the whole rotary drum dryer.