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The ingenious structure design of the dryer combustion chamber


The clever design of the structure doesn’t only reflect in the appearance, more important exists in the internal structure design to the benefit of the equipment. For example, dryer use of ingenious structural design will achieve dry all drying materials perfect. Juxin technical staff today will share ingenious structure design of the dryer combustion chamber:

Because the original combustion chamber is a fixed bed combustion chamber, the space is large, the temperature is very uneven and the longitudinal dimension is small, which has not adapted to the requirements of the coal powder combustion. So we redesigned the production of an auxiliary combustion chamber, in order to facilitate the combustion of pulverized coal combustion flame. For some slightly coarse coal particles in the bottom, there is a fixed bed combustion, the installation of a blower, and can adjust the air volume according to the situation to make coal to achieve full combustion. In general, the carbon content in slag is less than 1%.

The ingenious design structure of the dryer combustion chamber follows certain rules, the rotating cylinder drying machine is the use of constructing the combustion chamber design, the slime drying machine, three cylinder drying machine is the best drying equipment. Welcome to purchase!