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The method of overload protection for roller crusher


We all know that it is very important for maintenance in using the machine, what protection methods are used in the use of the roller crusher? Juxin machinery as roller crushing machine manufacturer, now we will talk about how to better protect the roll crusher for everyone.

1、Elbow plate fracture: before using, set low strength and easy breaking point on bracket, that is, when the roll crusher is overloaded, the stress sensitive area of elbow plate will be broken by the sharp rise of stress. cut off the power transmission to avoid the damage of the machine.

2、Flywheel moment protection

The spring clutch, hydraulic friction clutch or set the safety pin, etc., this kind of method is relatively common in Blake roll sand making machine. This type of clutch not only ensures the normal working torque transfer but also makes the torque not exceed allowable value. When the foreign body fall into the broken cavity, the machine is overloaded and reach to the critical torque, the flywheel is freely sliding in the shaft, which plays the role in protecting the main parts. Because the clutch friction factor is affected by the external environment, so the reliability of the work is limited, when the machine is overloaded, it should shut down the overhaul promptly.

3. Hydraulic protection: the above two kinds of overload protection methods is not reliability and it needs to shut down the machine when accident happens, which resulting in these problems like flow is interrupted and recovery is difficult. When the material fracture zone contains more material obstacles (such as steel slag crushing line, etc.), it often cannot meet the needs of production.