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The adjustment of the jaw crusher discharging port


1)Gasket adjustment:Put in a set of equal thickness spacers between the thrust plate support and a rear frame wall. With increasing or reducing the number of spacer layer, the crusher row ore mouth will decrease or increase. This method can multilevel adjustment and the machine structure is compact, it can reduce the weight of the equipment. But the machine must stop when we adjust it. Large jaw crusher often uses the adjustment method.

2)Wedge adjustment: With the aid of the relative movement between the two wedge blocks and the support and the rear wall of the frame to realizes adjustment of crusher discharging port. Rotating nut bolt makes the adjusting wedge block along the frame of the wall to achieve upward or downward movement, drives the front wedge "move forward or backward, so as to promote the thrust plate and the movable jaw, in order to adjustment of crusher discharging port. This method can achieve the step- less adjustment and it is easy to adjust as well as save time, that we do not have to stop the machine to adjust, but it increased the size and weight of the machine. Medium and small jaw crusher often use this method to adjust.