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How to analyze and design the crushing cavity of jaw crusher?


The crushing cavity of the jaw crusher is made up of the moving jaw plate, the fixed jaw plate and two sides’ wall lining. The shape of the crushing cavity is determined by the feeding port size, the bite angle, the moving jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate as well as the arrangement of the lining plate of the two side walls, the shape of the longitudinal and transverse section of the lining plate.

The crushing of the cavity impact crusher main technical and economic indexes directly, such as productivity, specific energy consumption, product size composition, grain shape and lining service life, so attract the attention of scholars all over the world and a lot of research work.

With the continuous development of the crusher, especially in recent years the "more crushing and less grinding" that is in the premise of increase crushing ratio and improve the quality of the products. It is a very useful work for designing optimum crushing cavity. no matter designs a new type of crusher or for tapping the potential of existing old crusher, transform.

According to the productivity of jaw crusher along the curve of the height of the crusher cavity, we can be known that the productivity of each section along the height of the crushing chamber is smaller and smaller from the feed port to the discharge port, and the discharge port has a minimum productivity, so this place is the block point.