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Analysis of the daily maintenance and maintenance of dryer


First, check the moving parts are free of obstacles and no legacy of hard debris inside the body before the dryer starts to work. It can start when dryer hot blast furnace is heated up to the temperature required by tea, and it should be fully pre heating before put down the tea. The tea leaf shall not spread out too thick nor it should appear an empty board. To be baked tea must be through the solution of the block, in addition to the net grass, stone and other debris.

When the dryer is working, leaf conveying device back tea funnel should be open a bit and clean up in time. In the dryer operation, we often pay attention to motor, reducer and the transmission parts of the bearing heating. Main motor temperature rise shall not exceed 100, for other motor and fan, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 65, the speed reducer shall not be more than 80.

Second, timely check the fire tube erosion and furnace wall conditions to ensure the normal operation of the heating furnace. In the Operating process, if it happened the abnormal impact, noise, we should shut down it and go on inspection. If it doesn’t work, we must immediately shut down it, and identify the cause quickly ensure the timely treatment. The drying operation is completed and the air temperature dropped to 60 degrees below, we should close the fan and clear the furnace fire, let the remnant tea out of the net after the oven, at last stop the engine running. Check the bottom of the oven there is no leakage leaves accumulation, if there is, we should clean it up to prevent the fire. Each shift should be filled with lubricating oil (grease) at one time, the lubricating oil (grease) should be sure to clean. Check fixing bolt is loose or sturdy frame, supporting spring connection tightness and timely adjustment, equipment grounding conditions and ensure reliable, computer board control, the wind wheel, the flexibility of the heat exchanger.