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Structure and working condition of composite crusher


There is small difference between composite crusher and sand making machine, or they can be said to be the same kind of equipment which is only used in different areas and the name is not same. They are often used in sand production line and stone factory, composite crusher main used for the material in the internal centrifugal force of high-speed rotating impeller to impact and crush material. The material is excluded after being impacted by crushing and grinding some times, then through a screening device to achieve the ideal control of particles.

In the operation process, because particle size is too small and too thick, so we should to check if there are more hammers or other reasons for composite crusher. Therefore, reasonable modulate hammer and belt tightness and hammer rotating speed. Composite crusher overall instability because of the unbalanced centrifugal force so we should push the hammer and the modulation. Because the crushing degree of the compound crusher is larger, the crushing degree of the crushing equipment can be adjusted as we like and produce the likely particles. Water content is relatively large and it is not prone to clogging. For crusher, its bearing is horizontal line design, high temperature materials can also be broken, its life is relatively long. Structure of its independence, which is not prone to wear and maintenance is simple and convenient. Pay attention to regular bearing the lubricating oil and the crusher equipment cleaning.