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Two innovative concepts of K series mobile crushing station


1, the concept of environmental building materials:
In view of the rapidly increasing number of construction wastes caused by the urbanization process, the environmental pollution and the waste of resources caused by the construction waste. Shibang Industrial Science and Technology Group Co.,Ltd. ,we regard the social responsibility as a starting point for the development of enterprises and innovate take out environmental building materials solutions concept.
The concept of green environmental building materials makes various solid waste, construction waste, cheap gravel, mine tailings) as raw materials to realize the resource reuse, and equipped with dust, noise environment protection processing factory to produce all kinds of high-quality machine-made sand. The products can be direct sales, sand and gravel can be further processed into high added value products, building materials, all products can be used for infrastructure and urbanization set of solutions. It is speculated that the medium scale (1 million tons) green environmental building materials processing plant annual production value of nearly 300 million yuan, whose expected profit of more than 50 million.
According to the characteristics of Fujian area construction waste disposal, Shibang industrial technology group after on-the-spot investigation decided to implement the concept of green building materials given to processing, the construction waste after breaking would be made into high-quality concrete, dry mixed mortar, environment-friendly brick products, raw materials, which owns with small investment, low risk, high income and low operation difficulty for advantage.
2." approaching treatment treatment" concept:
Make the building waste into green building materials, the first thing need to solve is the problem of broken material
but urban construction garbage scattered, some demolition of small scale field, then how to solve the fixed production line investment and cannot be quickly distributed processing of materials issues all of them become the problems of technology R & D personnel in Shibang industrial group.
And the innovation of K series of mobile crushing station put forward the idea of "approaching treatment" that is, it is able to carry on the spot to the material to be broken site, then after the crushing and screening, the material product can satisfy the customer's request directly. Finally the material is transported from the worksite to crushing intermediate links, which greatly reduces the material transportation cost and greatly expand the concept of crushing operations. Remove the broken ground, environment, complicated configuration and complex logistics which used to bring users break barriers. It becomes the broken magic of decentralized construction waste disposal site.