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The application of mobile crushing station in construction waste treatment:


Our country produces a large amount of construction waste every year, most of the construction waste will be shipped directly to the outskirts of stacking or landfill exposed. In the traditional way to deal with construction waste, it would not only occupy the land and affect the city appearance and environmental sanitation, but also may pollute the water body and the atmosphere. The use of K series of mobile crushing station construction waste treatment has significant economic and environmental benefits. Except for improving the occupation of land, air purification and water purification, it also can make the waste be made into recycled brick and other green building materials.
1. Recycled aggregate concrete: The regeneration aggregate waste brick, cement concrete broken can replace ordinary sand stone for road subgrade construction or preparation of concrete.
2.Recycled brick: waste bricks after crushing and grinding can be made as 150#&175# brick according to GB5101-85< fired common brick Cafe standards requirements, which can save burning and steaming process.
3.Regenerated unburned brick cement: Waste brick powder after grinding, it does not need to burning process which can be made in line with the 175# standard GB/T3183, 275# masonry cement.
4. Other new building materials products: Construction waste can also be made into concrete standard bricks, concrete porous brick of new wall materials by crushing grinding. And the pavement brick, pervious brick, water permeable brick road along the stone concrete road brick products.