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Choose Juxin crawler type mobile crushing station as construction waste treatment equipment


Juxin Machinery research and develop crawler mobile crusher station independently as is a kind of efficient crushing equipment. It adopts self-driving mode with advanced technology and complete functions, which is not subject to the restrictions of the site and terrain. It can reach any location of the working site and it is easy to operate. Therefore, it is widely used in construction waste treatment.

The same type of crawler type mobile crushing station exists a lot in the construction waste market, the significant advantages of Juxin machinery oil, electric dual-use crawler type mobile crushing station gets a lot concern:

1, Juxin Machinery crawler type mobile crushing station through the wireless remote control, you can easily drive crusher on the trailer and transported to work place of construction waste. Because there is no need of assembly time, so it can be put into work immediately when the equipment arrives the the construction waste disposal site.

2, It is made according to customer demand and provide a more flexible configuration process for the material types and product requirements in the process. Meet the various needs of the substation of the user mobile crushing station and mobile crushing and screening, which the production organization, logistics, and transport more direct and effective, the cost reduces to maximize.

3, The installation form of the integrated unit equipment eliminates the complicated installation operation of the component parts and reduces the consumption of materials and working hours. And compact unit space layout reasonable and it improve the flexibility of the site.

In order to meet the user's demand, Juxin Machinery Co., Ltd.  refers to the current market advanced machines and structure and based on them we introduce non dust oil / electric dual-purpose crawler mobile crusher station AF series. Welcome all the customers come to buy it.