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Wide application range and broad use made the jaw crusher as standard configuration in sand production line


Jaw crusher in the competition intense market, which is one of the most popular and most widely used equipment. At the same time, the appearance rate of jaw crusher is one of the highest in the crusher equipment. Jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing various types of stone. According to the different principles of crusher and product particles of different sizes, they are divided into many types. It is configured in different sand production line according to the different requirements of users. The jaw crusher widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railway, sand, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other departments.

Because the raw materials of artificial sand mining are large blocks of different hardness of stone. If we use the small sand making machine with general formulation, it cannot reach the desired effect. The jaw crusher sand making production line as the first crushing equipment. This series of products can deal with side length 100-500 mm to materials, anti-pressure is highest can amount to 350 MPa. Its most prominent advantage is its high crushing ability can be described as "one size fits all".

For the material requirement is very low, the power design of the equipment makes the material be crushed for many times broken to make the material reach requirements of the next step broken, so as to improve crushing performance of the second preparation sand equipment include counterattack type crusher, impact type system sand machine, sand blasting machine and improving efficiency of sand production line greatly.
It can be seen that the jaw crusher plays a very important role in all kinds of sand production line, and it has a good effect on the improvement of the efficiency of the production line and the improvement of the treatment effect, So we preferred jaw crusher for crushing processing under the suitable condition, jaw crusher, broad scope of application and use become standard in sand production line.