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the application of cone crusher in iron ore processing production line


Iron ore is an important raw material for the production of iron and steel enterprises. For the iron ore dressing equipment, crushing equipment investment and operating cost, energy consumption basic accounts for the largest proportion. According to the relevant information, it is expected to the current fiscal year iron ore production will grow by about 5%.  The increase in iron ore production long also led to the Chinese mining machinery exports rise.

Because the iron ore is usually higher hardness, crushing difficulty and strong abrasion, and mineral processing process design should also be as simple as possible, efficient, energy saving, as far as possible the design of the most reasonable process to achieve the best results.

It is known that the broken ore is the best effect of cone crusher exergy which is very popular in the concentrator. Cone crusher with the characteristics of crushing force, high efficiency, high processing capacity, low cost, easy adjustment, the use of economic and so on, it is suitable for iron ore, quartz and other hard ore crushing very much. With the perfect performance, cone crusher in iron ore production is more and more important and it gradually becomes King of kings in crushing machine.