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What are the most advantage of the design for Juxin Machinery large jaw crusher


Jaw crusher with the long-term stage of development, it was from s small jaw type crusher, jaw crusher, Jane pendulum type jaw crusher, compound pendulum type jaw crusher, jaw type crushing machine quickly to large jaw crusher now. In large jaw crusher machine structure design using high and new technologies and alleviate the trend of changes in the market as well as further improved the original design. Now we look at what the most advantages of the design are for large jaw crusher. Firstly, Juxin machinery makes the deep optimum design for the traditional jaw crusher crushing chamber. When the material goes into the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher, the material is dual-crushing from the split to the extrusion through the two thickening reinforcement jaw crusher plate. No dead zone for crushing, the traditional coarse jaw crusher cannot match this type large jaw crusher.

 Secondly, the use of the latest curved jaw plate design increases the effective length of the jaw plate, so that the jaw crusher production capacity is increased by 28%, the crusher plate wear capacity of 20%, the size of the product is relatively uniform.

In addition, the transmission angle of the jaw crusher can be adjusted by the structure design, and the output is higher under the same discharge port. That is to say when the jaw crusher discharge port is adjusted, the crank is a certain position when the transmission angle value is a fixed value. Only in jaw crusher operation, it corresponding changes with partial rotation of the arbor. Transmission angle with the discharging port between relationship which is according to the requirements of the product size, transmission angle with the discharge opening increases with the increasing of the discharge port.

Finally, in order to facilitate the operation of large jaw crusher we make an adjustment device to improve the design by the friction adjustment. Mechanism of the hydraulic chute surface can quickly adjust the crusher discharge outlet size conveniently and reliably, avoid the cumbersome adjustment process of the gasket type adjustment device in order to meet the production needs.