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Maintenance method of the impact crusher


With the widespread application of the impact crusher in the mine enterprise, the maintenance of the crusher becomes more and more important. Now Juxin machine will make a simple summary on the maintenance method of the impact crusher.

1)Connection screw fastening inspection of impact crusher

When the crusher equipment is working, it will produce vibration which last for a long time will make the connecting screws of the impact crusher loose, it might will decrease the efficiency of crusher equipment or even cause serious accidents which resulting in personal injury to the operator. So before starting the impact crusher, we should go on the connecting screws fastening inspecting.

2)Frequently check the impact crusher lining plate and side guard board

Crusher equipment lining board and the general effect of the side guard play an important role in protecting the crusher. If the wear is serious, it will damage the casing of the crusher equipment, so we should frequently check the impact crusher lining plate and side guard board.

3) Check rotor balance of impact crusher

For the impact crusher hammer if the wear is not consistent, it will have an impact on the balance of the rotor. So the crusher equipment works for a period of time, we should make an adjustment to the plate hammer to ensure the balance of the impact crusher rotor.

4) Immediately stop when accident occurs

If the crusher in the operation process, the unexpected and unpredictable condition happens, we must cut off the power supply in the first time and immediately shut down the equipment. For example, the crusher vibration suddenly intensified or bearing temperature rise higher suddenly and sharply.