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The impact crusher is convenient to disassemble and assemble and relocation of the site


Impact crusher is an important component of the crushing equipment, especially with a very good crushing effect for large stone and the strength material, so it is used to be as the first choice for stone mining process generally. The new type of impact crusher produced by Juxin added some functions, can bring greater convenience in the relocation of equipment.

There is no problem in using impact crusher, and achieve btter development in impact crushing machine, those are what impact crusher manufacturer need to be considered in the early stage of design. Juxin impact crusher provides a hydraulic opening device, which can improve the operability of device assemble and disassemble and shorten the repair cycle effectively.  The rotor body is welded by welding and the surface wear resistant layer. we use the new lock technology between the rotor body between the drive shaft, which can effectively improve the assembly and disassembly operability with certain overload protection. Due to the small mass of the rotor and the quality of the rotation is small, the motor power is small, so its processing ability of crushing hard rock into small particles is low.

Juxin Machinery focus on the production of impact crusher machine for more than ten years, we are the leader of impact crusher machine manufacturers. Our company keeps on growing and we also win Customer's trust and support. If need to consult the crusher related issues, please contact our customer service staff. If you need to consult the crusher related issues, please contact our customer service staff