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Improved hammer crusher structure, tailored to customers with high yield


 Last time we talked about that the crushing material is single, Juxin according to actual situation of the customer's body modification of crusher hammer structure, in order to meet the user's demand for production better. Then the improved hammer type crushing machine to its effect?

1, the hammer material on the impact force increase hammer focus on turning diameter outward, the hammer in the operation process of the first variable speed increase, the impact of the material with the hammer ability increases, thus enhancing the crushing effect of the crusher.
2, increase the effective amount of wear, the original hammer is 27kg, the effective amount of wear only about 1/3, through the improvement of hammer structure, effective wear hammer increased to nearly 2/3. Therefore, the improved a hammer can be improved as before the use of two sets, greatly reduces the cost of hammer head.
3, improve the grinding efficiency of system from the whole system, limestone two times after the break into grinding ability from consumption and efficiency, crushing ratio high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, so the requirements of limestone to more crushing and less grinding.
Through the improvement of hammer crusher, the grain size is reduced to 8~10mm, 60% for powdery material, which greatly improves the mill production effect, the mill yield was increased from 12t/h to 16t/h, reduce the production cost of raw materials.