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The different types and advantages of hammer crusher


 Hammer crusher is divided into: single stage hammer crusher, high performance hammer crusher, vertical crusher, reversible hammer crusher.

1, single stage hammer crusher
Single stage hammer crusher is one hammer crusher, which is also called composite hammer crusher and mainly used for the crushing of limestone, large single stage hammer crusher can be 1 meters in diameter of the limestone crushing directly to 20mm, has broken the powerful ability of machine. With a large number of applications in cement industry in a single period hammer crusher;
2, high performance hammer crusher 
high performance crusher is mainly used for material crushing operations, which is an important equipment of crushing field. With high performance crusher as an example, the hammer is a split structure and a hammer head and a hammer handle connected by bolts. The hammer is made of Cr Mo alloy with high abrasion resistance, wear resistance of the hammer is all the most lasting hammer broken. Split structure hammer, the hammer replacement is very convenient;
3, vertical shaft crusher 
The biggest advantage of vertical shaft hammer crusher is no plate structure, there is no jam. But no counter the formation process of large angle between hammer and hammer broken shaft lining, thus crushing effect is slightly lower. The hammer is an integral structure, so the maintenance and maintenance is more complicated;
4, reversible hammer crusher 
It is mainly used in soft material and low abrasive material crushing operations. The rotor has a positive anti running ability in two directions, can greatly improve the service cycle, reduce the number of replacement of the hammer