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Fracture failure of the impact crusher


Many users have encountered such a situation in the course of use that is impact crusher rack sudden rupture.

Fracture failure not only affect the normal production but also will give the operator with some security risks, what causes the impact crusher machine, how can we avoid that? Today crusher manufacturers Juxin machinery will teach you how to reduce the frame fault of impact crusher.
First of all, we should pay attention to the operation personnel in the use of the process must be standardized operation, do not arbitrarily change the operation process or order. Incorrect operation will lead to counterattack crusher frame suddenly broken, which we need to pay attention to. Some impact crusher equipment unqualified, the welding time or crack deflection phenomenon, in this in the process of using long time is prone to happen suddenly frame fracture. Qualified products so be sure to choose the regular manufacturers in the purchase of crusher equipment.