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How to choose the hammer head of hammer crusher?


Juxin machinery is a professional manufacturer of crusher and wear-resistant materials, we product crushing equipment and wear parts have crusher hammer head, hammer head of hammer crusher, wear-resistant hammer, hammer alloy, composite hammer and mill lining plate. We have years of experience in production and maintenance of the crusher hammer. Juxin Engineering Ministry points out that the material is important, maintenance is more important, so we not only need to make a good choice of the crusher manufacturers, but also we should pay attention to maintenance. We have the following suggestions for the maintenance of the crusher hammer:

1)Hammer will wear during works, it must be replaced when hammer weight decrease about 80%, otherwise output size is difficult to maintain. When the new front edge hammer wear to the width of the 3/5, we can make the hammer to turn around and go on work.

2)When the hammer shaft used for a long period of time, usually in the hammer and hammer hanging plate supporting hammer shaft is made into a groove and produce edge. Before re-installation, it can be crushed by grinding or eliminate these edges to improve the stress condition of the hammer shaft.

3) When the machine is in normal working condition, if it happens to production reduced, power consumption is increased or the particle size becomes large, we should check the hammer, wear castor sieve and other parts, then we should go to adjust and serviced.

4)When the machine is put into the formal working, after the main shaft bearing for a period of time, we should clean the bearings and replace the new grease to ensure the normal work and life of the bearing.