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The installation method and operation procedure of the compound crusher


The installation method of the compound crusher
1)The equipment should be installed at the level of concrete foundation and fixed with the anchor
2)When we install it, we should pay attention to the host body and vertical level
3)After the installation ,some bolts need to be checked whether they a loosen or not, then strengthen the host warehouse door to meet the requirement.
4)Configuration power line and power control switch based on the equipment
5)Inspection is completed, then go on empty load test to reach normal production
Operation procedure of compound crusher:
1)Before starting the machine,we should check whether the machine has been closed the door, it is strictly forbidden to open the door in the process of machine operation to prevent danger.
2) The crusher must be empty to start, when it can achieve normal operation then begin to work.
3)According to the requirements of the feed grain size, the big grain would cause damage to the equipment and low output
4)When the unexpected and unpredictable condition happens, we should stop to check and solve the problem then continue to work.
5)Add the lubricant regularly and replace rotate the bearing parts