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Configuration considerations of sand and gravel production plant


Nowadays, sand and gravel production plants are more and more popular in the international market, beause of the large processing capacity and more safe operation etc. However, there are also some questions unsolved, now China Juxin crusher Machinery tell you these configuration considerations.
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The sand and gravel production plants provide more and more sand aggregate for international urban construction. And the reasonable production line configuration can guarantee its high-speed running, so China Juxin crusher Machinery reminds you: for the sand and gravel production plant, the working efficiency of every machine is key to configurate the plant.
1.The processing capacity of every machine in the full set plant. The feeding capacity of vibrating feeder, the crushing capacity of first coarse crusher and the fine crusher, the screening capacity of vibrating screen and the capacity of sand washer, they are important for the customer before purchase. The configuration of all machine with the reasonable capacity can prevent these blocking or overflowing situations.
2.Adjust the transporting speed of belt conveyor to avoid the overflow. At the same time, the operater should guarantee the consecutiveness of materials transportation.
3.Apply the dust and noise reduction device. The configuration of sand and gravel prosuction plant should meet the national requirments about the enviromention. The enviromental provention is advocated by international laws, and they are good for the health of every operater and the working conditions. So China Juxin crusher Machinery thinks that it's very necessary to configuate the dust and noise reduction device for every sand and gravel production plant.
4.The daily maintanance for every machine. For the normal running and the processing capacity of the sand and gravel production plant, the basic maintenance of every machine is very important. So China Juxin crusher Machinery ask the operater should maintain the machine timely to reduce the blocks and guarantee the processing capacity.
The perfect co-ordination of every machine among the various sand production line is the premise of its running smoothly, which requires the interaction between the various equipment in production line, so as to ensure that the production line of each equipment play its performance, guarantee the production efficiency and the enterprise economic benefit. China Juxin crusher Machiney is always be your good partner, do not hesitate to choose China Juxin!