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China Juxin Machinery improve the concrete foundation structure of jaw crusher


In the working process, the vibration of mining machine is very common, and there are some reasons to cause this phenomenon, but China Juxin crusher Machinery think that the loose concrete foundation structure mainly cause the machine shaking.
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The previous concrete foundation structure of jaw crusher is like this: firstly pour the concrete foundation, after they're colled, then find some smooth places to install the wedge iron. Next re-pour to the foundation, it's fulfiled after they are cool.
In fact, the above method is not suitable the jaw crusher, beause China Juxin jaw crusher works intervally. Its works is based on the size of ore materials, so when it works, it'll shakes very acutely. The strong vibration of jaw crusher for a long time will damage the contrete foundation, sometimes the bolts are also loose or broken.
With the increasing of the original mineral, the using time of traditional infrastructure is  more and more short, and the wedge iron base often appear problems, the normal operation of the crusher are badly affected, also that reduce the operation rate of China Juxin crusher seriously.
For solving these questions, China Juxin crusher Machinery have tried many times. At last, China Juxin Machinery use the rubber elastic plate to replace the wedge iron, they are installed between the base plate and the concrete foundation surface. This method solve these problems very well.