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Some key purchase notes of jaw crusher


According to the previous sales experience, China Juxin crusher Machinery sum up some key purchase notes of jaw crusher for the old and new customers. Before purchase the machine, the customers generally ask to test-run the crusher, yeah, it's very important to test the running situation for a crusher machine, however, the customers should pay more attention to the following notes about the crusher test-run:
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Jaw crusher is the very popular and basic crushing machine, and its quality will also derectly influent the quality of the final products and the crushing efficiency, so for a mining machinery manufacture, the test-running of crusher machine is very important for the guarantee of its quality.
The test-running of one crusher is necessary, but it's also different from the actural work, the test-running is short and without any ore materials.
1.China Juxin jaw crusher should be started and shut down according to the instruction provided by China Juxin Machinery;
2.The movement of Jaw crusher's jaw plates can not be over 15rs.
3.China Juxin jaw crusher can not have the impacting or the periodic noise;
4.The operater should make sure the normal working of jaw crusher's lubrication system, and the feeding oil should within the range of 0.5~1.5 kg/cm³, the tempreture od the returned oil can not reach up 50℃(The operating standard of China Juxin crusher).
China Juxin crusher Machinery is the manufacture with high repution and we also can provide the quality. If it's necessary, China Juxin can provide two test-running: without any ores and with some ores.