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How to make jaw crusher bring customers more benefits


The normal running of jaw crusher can bring the customer more benefits, so the operater should control the crushing machine to run normally.
China Juxin Machinery sum us some breakdowns and the related solutions when the crushing machine is working:
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1.When the jaw crusher run without any load, there are some metal noise from its buttom. That may be the following two reasons:
1)Some noise is from the bearing of the thrust plate or the gasket adjusting device, in general, the elasticity of the pull rod buffer spring disappear or damage. When the moving jaw plate, bracket, organism combination is not close, the bracket head crash the supporting bearing, or the gaskets hit each other. Adjust and strength the gasket until the noise disappear.
2)It is also possible that bracket bearing slider wear seriously or loose, or the bracket head is damaged seriously. Change it for China Juxin crusher in time.
2.When working,there are some metal noise and the lineers are shaking. At the same time, the operater should check the side liners and jaw plates, if they are loose, or the bolts are loose or damaged seriously. If so, the operater should timely change them.
3.After knee fracture frequently. The back bracket of jaw crusher in addition to the transmission power, also depend on the strength of the shortage of the insurance. In addition to the central bracket intensity is low, its strength is not enough to overcome damagement due to normal crushing force produced by crushing ore, it may be too tightly on the lever spring, coupled with crushing force at work overload and fracture, you can adjust appropriately loose spring.
4.The flywheel rotary crusher does not work. It is due to the damage of tie rod spring and pull rod of China crusher, tie rod nut tripping bracket from bearing slider pull, can also be bracket broke off, and should be replaced to install.
5.The flywheel swing dramatically, but the eccentric shaft rotation is slow. The fault is due to the pulley and the flywheel key of crusher is loose or damaged, so it can't synchronous wheel and axle.
6.The size of the final products is over-large, that's beause the broken plate lower seriously wear and tear. Tooth plate should be up and down a transfer or replace a new lining board, and adjust the row ore mouth to reach the requirements of the size.