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China Juxin crusher follows the road of sustainable development


At present, with the development of international economy, the building industry also develop rapidly. So the cement industry is also more and more popular, the production of cement is key to the mining machine industry. China Juxin Machinery is the professional crusher manufacture.
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The production process of cement: "two-grinding, one-calcining".
1)The configuration and fine-crushing of cement production: The raw materials of cement-making is limestone and clay, if it's necessary, add some metal powder. At present, for saving the clay, some cement factory use the stove ash and coal gangue. So at the same time, China Juxin crusher will play an important role in the processing carft of crushing stove ash and coal gangue.
2)The calcination of calcium oxide: in the ratary klin, the raw cement is calcined with 1350-1450℃, some are fused and after cooling them, you will get the granular or massive cement.
3)The cement and some gypsum are fine crushed by China Juxin crusher, and at last, the final products are the Portland cement.
China Juxin Machinery put a high value on the the demands of the customers and markets, and we have marketed some new type crushing machine: European jaw crusher, PEF series of jaw crusher, European impact crusher, PCXseries of double rotoe ultra-fine crusher, HPC/PY series of cone crusher, SHP series of double-chamber rotary crusher etc. And China Juxin crusher will always folloe the road of sustainable development.