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How to disassemble the jaw crusher in the stone-crushing production plant


Jaw crusher is the common crushing machine in stone-crushing production plant anf sand-making production plant. And jaw plate is the main crushing parts and it can easily damaged, so the operater must know how to disassemble the jaw crusher for maintenance well.
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When maintenaning the jaw crusher, to install and disassemble it are necessary for the operater. So China Juxin Machinery tell you the right method to install and disassemble jaw crusher.
For jaw crusher, changing the toggle plate is common, but for the crusher with connecting rod, the disassembly is listed as below:
1.Loose the bolts, then cut the lubricating pipe;
2.Hoisting equipment sling the toggle plate;
3.Losse the spring and pull the movable jaw plate near to the fixed jaw plate, then take the toggle plate out.
After disassemble the toggle plate of China Juxin jaw crusher, the operater should immediately cut off the dilute lubricating oil pipeline and the supply of cooling water pipe, in the bottom of the connecting rod with a bracket or prop up, and then connecting rod cover, can the connecting rod.
The shaft of jaw crusher should be took off with the pulley and the flywheel. With the motor, the belt along the slippery goes to crusher closer, then remove the V-belt, and the crane can lift the shaft. Before removing the moving jaw, first cut off the dry oil lubricating oil pipe, and then remove the bearing cover then moving jaw with a crane or other