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Some solutions for using problem of China Juxin fine crusher


China Juxin Machinery sum up some new solutions for using problem of fine crusher:
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1.To improve the feeding hopper. Some raw materials get into the crushing chamber of China Juxin fine crusher directly. Beause of the uneven feeding materials, that will cause the fine crusher working excessively and the un-uniform particle size, even it'll influent the processing capacity of China Juxin crusher seriously. If so, you just improve your feeding hopper or change its inner liners so that the raw materials can get into the fine crusher uniformly. That's to say, that can solve these problems easily.
2.To control dust effectively. Water-seal dustproof device of China Juxin fine crusher can protect the lubricating oil from the dust to avoid abnormal wear and tear. The original design main use the circulating water to dust proof, but the water pressure is difficult to control. Too high water pressure is easy to make the circulating water into the bowl and cause the oil-water mixture, but low pressure can not achieve the dustproof purpose. The Water-seal dustproof device can easily achieve the dust proof and ensure that dust can also prevent circulating oil/water mixture.
3.To prevent oil spills. China Juxin fine crusher easy oil during operation, and easy to cause accident caused by poor lubrication equipment.In the process of production, hanging down the inspection found bevel gear lubrication condition is bad, bowl tile around there were signs of oil spill.The main reason for the bowl back to the oil hole is too small, lubricating oil missed parts, small amount of oil return and can guarantee good size bevel gear lubrication.Appropriate increase bowl oil return hole method and ensure the oil return amount, fundamentally solve the problem of oil leakage and bevel gear lubrication bad.