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How to increase the productivity and reduce the consumption of crushing machine


At present, there are various of crusher in the crushing machine's market. What crusher do you choose and how to choose the right crusher, the productivity and the consumption of crusher are linked to the interests of investors, so China Juxin Machinery tell you some knowledge about our own crusher--China Juxin crusher.
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China Juxin squeeze crusher mainly have these following types: jaw crusher, cone crusher, double roll crusher etc. And their working principle is as below: Between the fixed crushing plate and the movable crushing plate, ore materials are crushed by the effect of extrusion, splitting and bending. This crushing method can not guarantee the particle size, over-large or over-small size of the final products, and it has the rather large power consumption. And these types of crusher is suitable for crushing hard materials and they are widely used in metal mining industry and stone crushing production plant etc.
The impacting crusher has impact crusher, hammer crusher etc. These crushers  crush ore materials by its hammer head with high speed, ore materials will be crushed by the multiple laser shock. And this method is out of control and produce large quantity of powdery materials, so it's not suitable for coarse and meduim crushing materials, if you need fine crushing some ore materials, China Juxin impacting crusher will be your best choice.
Beause of different operating principle, different crushing machine has different ranges of application. Based on the different features of different materials and different requirments from different customers, China Juxin Machinery advise that the customers should choose the right crusher seriously.
According to different production conditions, China Juxin Machinery can provide the different types of crusher for old and new customers. You can choose the most appropriate crusher to bring you more benifits!