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The transformation and upgrading of mechanical crusher industry development way


Further implementation of the hammer coal crusher manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning, China Juxin should not only look at present, science and tackling the international financial crisis, to ensure good momentum of development in the China crusher industry; And should be based on long-term, strengthen the innovation drive, the basis of endogenous growth, grab the post-crisis era industry development the commanding heights. 
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First of all, China Juxin Machinery correctly grasp the nature of the mechanical industry. China machinery industry is the basic and strategic industry, its development level on behalf of the national comprehensive strength and international competitiveness. Adjust the industrial structure and the transformation of the mode of development is a systems engineering for China mining crusher manufacture, in accordance with the characteristics of mechanical industry itself, according to the requirements of the scientific outlook on development, independent innovation as the fundamental, two fusion as approach, technical innovation as the means, enterprise merger and reorganization for orientation, China Juxin hammer coal crusher Machinery take a new road to industrialization development as the goal, constantly promote the optimization of industrial structure, the development mode of transformation and upgrading.  
Second, we should focus on the development of the key direction. The structure and developing way of China mining crusher industry is complementary to each other organic whole, mechanical industry to adjust the industrial structure, the transformation of the mode of development, ultimately reflected on the quality of product structure adjustment and industry growth.
To strengthen the technological transformation, and using information technology to upgrade traditional industries, improve the production and processing level of automation, informationization, intelligent; To develop green manufacturing technology, development conform to the industrial policy and market demand of environmental friendly, intelligent, digital high value-added products; To speed up elimination and update the energy-consuming, high pollution, serious consume resources behind the product; Investment in fixed assets and special technical reformation to backward, compressed excess capacity oriented, resolutely curb the low level of scale expansion, building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly industries, China Juxin crusher Machinery will follow the footsteps of times.  
Third, China mining hammer coal crusher industry further play a role of policies and measures of security. Of policy measures in relation to the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of the developed, this year the state adopted a lot of targeted measures actively, especially the research to develop and launch speed up the development of strategic emerging industries.
China Juxin Machinery are special planning and special engineering research to develop products and technical measures to encourage the use of the emerging industry, the research set up to encourage domestic first (set) major equipment risk subsidy funds and so on, we're going to use the foot with these policies and measures to adjust the industrial structure, for mechanical hammer coal crusher industry to contribute to the transformation of the pattern of economic development.