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International mining machine industry face to the era of the economic depression


Back quickly in the financial crisis in 2009, under the circumstances of unity is strength to cope with this financial crisis, the international mining crusher machinery industry to follow macroeconomic shows great fall together.
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After the financial crisis era "healing" in 2013-2014. With recovery of the economy, will enter the 2014 financial crisis in the era of "therapeutic" stage, the machinery industry and macro economy, China Juxin hammer coal crusher manufacture will face a lot of uncertainty, the shape of the industry will be high after low before rendering, annual sales output growth is expected to about 17.01%, lag effect of investment and export recovery, asset bubbles, high growth before after low pressure, excess production capacity, etc.  
Investment strategy choice in 2015: the key for investment, on the basis of the hysteresis effect of export recovery as the main line to band of grasping the opportunity. Quarter before (may) super match, in the second quarter of the standard standard, low in the third quarter, the four quarters.
The choices of the investment: the primary objective of China Juxin hammer coal crusher is to seek certainty in uncertainty premium, then the opportunity to grasp the band in the industry, finally find that resist cycle from bottom to top, maintain a high growth company and have the assets restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.