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The rapid development for the informatization of China mining hammer coal crusher industry


In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology, the mining hammer coal crusher manufacture industry in China has changed profoundly. According to the survey by China Juxin crusher Machinery, a variety of typical experience shows that the two combination has become an important force in the transformation and upgrading equipment industry in China. In the process, the co-ordinatation of  research and development, intelligent products, service on the network is equipped with three directions of China mining crusher manufacture industrial informatization.
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The co-ordinatation of the research and development for China's hammer coal crusher manufacture industry: promoting the independent innovation
The mineral crusher manufacture industry in China is widely used in research and development design steps of CAD, CAE, PDM, such as research and development of digital design tools, there has been a part of the enterprise implements the parallel digital product design and collaborative design, industry chain in a shortened product development cycle, it will speed up new product development at the same time, that also improve the independent innovation ability of China Juxin hammer coal crusher products.
Intelligent products: enhance added value of mining hammer coal crusher industry
"Modern machinery industry is different from traditional mechanical industry, beause it is with the developed information and control systems." one famous person said. For more than a decade, China mining hammer coal crusher manufacture industry spare no effort to transform the backward technology with information technology and craft, remote fault diagnosis, online testing and other advanced information technology has been applied in engineering machinery products, part of the mining crusher manufacture industry realize the intellectualized.
Service network: boosting enterprise strategic transformation
Part of enterprise have used the informatization as service platform and tools, and put a chain of services to the business of the front-end and back-end extension, that expands the scope of services, service groups, and the value of the enterprise growth gradually shift from mining crusher products to services. The Service network will be good for the transformation and upgrading of China mining hammer coal crusher manufacture industrial and improve the core competitiveness. "
Also, China Juxin Machinery always believe in relying on information technology, it will develop the productive service industry largely, and it is the necessary stage of development of the industry jumped, in which also further amplification, enhance its capability of China mining hammer coal crusher manufacture industry. "From this perspective, real penetrated the whole industrial system, the multiplication of played a huge role, change, promote and promote the role."