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What's influence of 2014 China's coal tatal production on China Mining hammer coal crusher


At present, China is one of the biggest coal consumer in the world, and the total consumed quantity is more than half of the world total consumption. At the same time, China is the world's first big coal importer, since 2009, China's coal imports growth for five consecutive years, peaked at 327 million tons in 2013. 
However, the growth momentum finally "brake" in 2014.Yesterday, according to data released by the customs general administration, in 2014 China's import capacity of 291 million tons of coal fell 35.8 million tons, a drop of 10.9%.
As a professional mining hammer coal crusher manufacture, China Juxin always pry more attention on the events which has the closed relationship with the mining crusher industry.
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Continued weakness in the past two years, the domestic coal industry, percentage of loss-incurring enterprises continue to expand, coal enterprises "difficulty" has become a consensus.Under this background, the coal import restrictions in the fourth quarter of 2014, tariffs policy played an inhibitory effect on imported coal.
Within the industry, according to import coal increase microelement inspection, unqualified back directly, and testing time is longer, inconvenience for the coal import business, the most import coal traders choice, watching, port imported coal low volume.
"Even in the Febury or March, after the new policy adjustment period, coal imports will not have big growth, mainly because the domestic coal prices decline significantly, in the first quarter of 2015 coal imports will appear fell." one expert said.
Strict in slowing economic growth and environmental protection of environment, coal demand will be further reduced, all the policies and restrictions on imported coal to strengthen at the same time, the late coal imports will continue to trend in the second half of 2014, continued low, import a lot of this is difficult to restore normal.
According to the actual situation of international coal industry's developing trend, China Juxin Machinery will adjust the sale market and sale program of our mining hammer coal crusher.