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Some techniques for rust removal of hammer coal crusher


All mining crusher machine are used steel as the main material, the long-term outdoor job make hammer coal crusher rust, so that lowers the quality of fianl samd by China Juxin crusher.
The operater should deal with the rusted mining crusher machine in time. For  the normal running of China Juxin crusher, China Juxin Machinery will share some techniques for rust removal of hammer coal crusher.
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1.The method of chemical rust removal:
The method mainly use the priciple" chemical reaction of acid and metal oxide", that can remove the metal oxide largely, but it's better to carry the method in the workshop.
2.The method of high-pressure water rust removal:
Using high pressure water jet impact (plus abrasive grinding effect) and the water lever action to remove  metal corrosion and coating of hammer coal crusher sheet. It has the characteristics of no dust pollution, not damage the steel plate, greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal, rust removal are of good quality.But after rust removal of steel rust easily return to coating with wet cleaning coating.
3.The method of small pneumatic or electric rust removal:
The impetus of this methos is the electricity or compressed air, that need the appropriate cleaning device which can reciprocating motion or rotation to meet the different rust removal requirments.
4.The method of daub anti-oxidation of paint:
On the surface of hammer coal crusher, the addation of mineral oil, paint, baked enamel and plastic spraying can efficiently reduce the rust. And in China Juxin Machinery, this method is very popular, and our hammer coal crusher also use the method to provent the housing surface from rust.
Whatever the using or non-using process of hammer coal crusher, you'd better to maintain the crusher to reduce the possibility of rust.