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The method of reducing energy consumption of hammer coal crusher


With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection and energy crisis, poeple pay more and more attention on the energy consumption of hammer coal crusher. The best method of reducing theie energy consumption has been the pursuit for every customer and manufacture.
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With the full experience of making hammer coal crusher, China Juxin Machinery summarize some methods for reducing the energy consumption of mining crusher:
Firstly, in the crushing process, the iron materials must not get into the crushing chamber of hammer coal crusher. And the crushed materials should meet the crushing requirment of China Juxin crusher, and the hardness of crushed materials should be less than 160Mpa.
When the crushed materials are mixed, there are various of materials' strength. In the crushing process, the materials with large strength will profect the materials with small strength, that reduces the crushing efficiency and product size of materials with small strength. And the materials with large strength will damage the liners of hammer coal crusher, so that it will block its normal working.
For the processing efficinecy of hammer coal crusher, the operatere shoud improve the force situation of every part, that means the operater should make sure the feeder feed the materials with the same crushing strength.
In general, Laminating crushing manner of hammer coal crusher can efficienyly resuce the uncessary energy consumption. In the curshing process, the Laminating crushing manner for feeder can fully meet the requiements for many customers mad manufactures.
To sum up, for hammer coal crusher, more feeding layers can meet the best requirments of feeding layers near the blocked feeding layers, and China crusher will reach the low energy consumption largely. Also, China Juxin Machinery believe that the mining crusher of low energy consumption will always be the favourite all over the world.