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Why call it China Juxin hammer coal crusher in mining industry


In the mining industry, hammer coal crusher belongs to one kind of hammer crushers, and it often widely used for crushing coal and other brittle materials, so many people call it hammer coal crusher. Let's talk about it.
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1.The crushing:
The crushing means that Under the action of external force, the solid ore amterials are crushed into pieces through overcoming its cohesion. And the external force can be Human force, mechanical force and electric power and others. In mining industry, the large stone is most through the mechanical force(hammer coal crusher) into pieces.
As crushing, the material of the total surface area is constantly increasing, therefore, solid the material shattered into small pieces or fine powder, can improve the response speed of physics and chemistry.In addition, several different solid materials mixed, that must also be in the powder state to get uniform results.
2.The fragility of ore materials:
In the same working condition, one same hammer coal crusher crush different ore materials, its processing capacity is also different, that means the different ore materials have different fragilities. Uniformity of density, structure, water cut most, viscous, cracks, fragility and material strength, hardness, resistance to external forces are said material, surface condition and shape factors.
High hardness and low intensity of material is smaller than the strength and hardness of the material is easy to broken.Obviously high hardness material does not necessarily hard to broken, but it is difficult to grinding, but also to the surface of grinding machine work easy to wear.
3.The crushing system:
The crushing process can be fulfiled through different crushing systems. China Juxin crushing process varies from the features of crushed materials, the crushing ratio, the crushing scale and the type of crusher.
In China Juxin Machinery, our crushing system include two aspects. Series of crushing system mainly depends on the material requirements of broken ratio and the type of crusher. In order to meet the needs of the crushing than increase and decrease broken series, it can prompt hammer coal crusher to big crushing ratio, high efficiency and large scale development.
Due to the continuous improvement and development of hammer coal crusher, crushing system improvement and development have good conditions.The crushing system not only to reduce broken series, simplify the production process, and simultaneously broken out in a single process, a variety of homework waiting for direction in the direction of development.