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Specific operating method for China Juxin concrete foundation structure of jaw crusher


The unstable concrete foundation structure will make the jaw crusher not work normally and can reduce the crushing efficiency seriouly. With the continuous experiment and efforts, China Juxin Machinery have carried out a series of improvement for theconcrete foundation structure of jaw crusher.
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And the specific operating method is listed as below:
Loose all the foundation bolts, and rise the crusher through jack, remove all the original secondary concrete grouting layer; install 8mm steel mesh on this place, the height of steel mesh is under 80mm; then pour the contrete with 500# cement on the steel mesh, and its height is about 150mm, next put dowm the jaw crusher, the crusher will pressure the contrete to 120mm, at the same time the installers should pay more attention to the position of China Juxin crusher.
After the concrete are solidified, rerise the crusher through the jack, the height is about 50mm, put into the rubber elastic plates, then put down the crusher slowly and adjust the position, at last fasten all the foundation bolts. Starting the crusher for 24 hours, shut down it then re-fasten the whole bolts.
Compared with the original concrete foundation, the new one of China Juxin crusher Machinery is more scientific and stable. Based on the aim of"more benifits for new and old customer", China Juxin crusher Machinery will provide the best crushing machine for you!