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The noisy damagement of mining crusher for every working people


Once the mining crusher is on, there are much and large noise, If dose the noise damage the health of the working people? China Juxin Machinery clearly pointed out that the noise will damage theri health seriously.
The noise of mining crusher means that something is wrong with the crusher machine, also that will damage the health of the operaters. Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention on the noisy pollution.
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1.Damage the safety of the working people:
When something is wrong with the mining crusher, but the large noise may cause the technical workers can not look for the right reasons. So that will be the latent harm for the working people;
2.Damage the health of the working people:
In the huge noisy condition, the people have worked for long time, so their auditory sense may be damaged, such as tinnitus, ear pain etc, even neurasthenia, blood pressure problems.
3.Influent the normal working of the working people:
When the mining crusher is on, the operater should discuss something, if the noise is too large, that must disturb their chatting. At the same time, the huge of mining crusher will make the operater tired, that will largely reduce the working efficiency.
The working noise produced by mining crusher can cause certain harm to human body and enviroment, that also cuase other safety concerns. China Juxin crusher Machinery have been looking for a reasonable way to prevent or stop them. That will guarantee the normal production and safeguard the personal safety of operators.