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Different crushers for different ore materials


Crusher is the large mining crushing machine, so many customers will consider many factors: the ablity, scale of crusher manufacture, its features, quality and operating principle etc, then they will think if the ore materials is suitable for the crusher.
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In the construction of foundation, China Juxin crusher is indispensable and has a wide applying range. China Juxin Machinery remind you: when you order the crusher, please unifies own actual situation and know the features, using range and visit the crusher manufacture. And the following notes is very necessary for every cuatomers:
1.The total production of the final products and the grading requirements, then choose the type and production capacity of crusher;
2.The material physical properties, such as fragility, viscosity, water and sediment content and maximum feed size etc;
3.The technical and economic indicators, both quality and quantity requirements, convenient operation, reliable work, and maximize the cost savings;
4.China Juxin crusher is a large investment, please be careful when you choose the crusher.