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"Efficient-Green" sand-making crusher for China Juxin sand-making production plant


Since the application of "Efficient-Green" sand-making crusher, China Juxin sand-making production plant is more and more popular among the foreign and demostic customers. China Juxin sand-making production plant has these features of high automaticity, low running cost, high crushing efficiency, energy-saving, high processing capacity, less polution and easy maintenance etc.
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Large stone may have less value in daily usage, but after crushing by China Juxin "Efficient-Green" sand-making crusher, various of sand will have the large value, and they'll be used in metal mining, metuallury, chemical, building, railway, highway and other sectors.
At present, there are various of stone which can be used as building aggregate, and the pebbles stone and hillstone are the common raw materials. After the crushing by China Juxin sand-making crusher, the final product can meet the standard of National building sand, and they have the uniform discharge size and good particle shape. With the rapid development of advance stone crusher, China Juxin sand-making crusher develops in the direction of Automation, Green and environmental protection.
The aggregate though China Juxin "Efficient-Green" sand-making crusher can be used for mixing the concentrate and pitch in highway, railway, water conservancy and building etc, and they are suitable for grinding and grading the metal materials, such as gold, copper and zinc and so on; Building waste materials is crushed by sand-making crusher, they are used for the cement plant.