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Construction waste crawler type mobile crushing station to meet the different needs of customers


For the demolition site, construction waste piled field site is limited, vehicles entering and leaving the inconvenience problem is what customers has plagued How to change this situation? If dispose resource in the field directly is a very favorable and convenient which can not only save removal link and cost, avoid the secondary pollution in the process of removal, but also don’t occupy and waste of land resource of the country.

Juxin Machinery R & D launched a variety of construction waste mobile processing equipment to meet the needs of different users. Among them, no dust oil, electric dual-purpose crawler mobile crushing station can realize multistage crush and can meet the need of grain shape plastic, in construction waste aggregate regeneration crushing process. It will provide the perfect solution. The series moved crusher has the following characteristics:

1, With a steel cutting device and improve work efficiency

2, Production capacity increased by 30%~50% after install intelligent systems,

3, the whole machine is equipped with dust suppression system to realize the utilization of non-dust resource

4, High performance to price ratio of resistant materials whose service life is more than 3 times than that of the original foreign imports.

5, Supporting power is small, oil and electricity dual use, energy saving and environmental protection