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How to ensure that the double toothed roll crusher is installed in place?


 If the double teeth roll crusher equipment installed not well, it will cause the device to run obstacle. The most objective is the noise, the noise will not only cause pollution, but also make people feel irritable and affect the production efficiency. Energy saving reduce sand making machine noise measures: protection of personnel on site; when workers in the operation, they should wear earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other noise prevention articles; the production process of the transformation of the production process and equipment selection of low noise.

Installation steps:
1.when we install it, the first to check on the basis of the reserved hole position, whether the installation layout and installation elevation map match, then the crusher and the motor were suspended in the foundation, based on the pre alignment center line pull the pad to meet the requirements of initial installation technology with wedge on the base and lock the anchor nut.
2.fine crusher to meet the requirements of installation technology 1) 2), and tighten the anchor nut crushing machine, and then fine tune the motor to meet the technical requirements of the installation of 3) 4) and tighten the anchor nut motor.
3.all the installation is completed, the rotation gear by hand, shaft must rotate flexibly, freely portable. Such as the death card, must be re adjusted, meet the requirements so far. The test of crusher after installation, should be 2 ~ 4H and 5 ~ 6h no-load test load test. After turning, ensure no jamming phenomenon in order to test.