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The advantages of hydraulic safety device of cone crusher


 Cone crusher machine safety device is not perfect, in practice, it often cannot play the role of insurance and easy to cause the crush shaft accident, and adjust the discharge mouth is not convenient. Therefore, the current foreign commonly used hydraulic cone crusher, the timely application of hydraulic, hydraulic positioning mechanism, reliable work. And automatically remove iron cannot be crushed, the hydraulic system plays three roles in supporting cone crusher, the regulation of discharge port and achieve overload protection. Hydraulic cone crusher to adjust the discharge port and exclude non-broken objects can be completed in one minute or so, it is more advanced than the cone crusher.

The role of insurance is arranged in the hydraulic cylinder connecting rod.  Before start the crusher, the first to start the pump to the hydraulic cylinder piston rod body under the oil, the oil pressure is less than 200 kg/cm2. And  then start the main motor, the crusher work normally. When the crushing cavity into the non-crushing matter, the hydraulic cylinder connecting rod over the provisions of the pressure, forcing the pressure relief valve opens, the cylinder oil flow on cylinder pressure relief, so that the lower part of the connecting rod is working, stop moving the thrust plate and movable jaw, and the main motor, the eccentric shaft and the connecting rod is to continue, so as to protect the machine from being damaged, parking out the non-crushing matter and drive again.