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How to maintain stone crusher in the low temperature environment?


 Can the performance become worse if we use stone crusher in low temperature environment? The answer is yes. The working principle is the use of compression, splitting, bending, impact rolling method, the big rock crush into pieces of machinery. If the moisture content is too high, the fine product quality will be greatly reduced. How to cope with the environmental impact on equipment, environmental change cost is too large, only in the northern cold weather to change the past maintenance measures and strictly enforced.

1. Increase the various parts of the machine to carry out routine inspection, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
2. Because the temperature is low in winter, so ensure the lubrication of crusher parts is very important. If it works for a longer time, the color became dark grease, it must be promptly replaced, but also pay attention to grease resistance to low temperature, timely replacement of low temperature grease lubrication, ensure the degree of friction surface, improve the work efficiency.
To ensure that the crusher can work properly in the winter, we must do a good job of stone crusher maintenance work, so that it can reduce the cost of failure as well as to extend the life of the crusher.