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How to maintain the sand crusher?


 Sand crusher because of its bad environment, dust, and some use of unit maintenance is not in place, which often appear a variety of problems. In general, when sand crusher is in operation, we should pay attention to the following problems in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

1.Sand crusher at work, feeding should be uniform, no segregation. Such as the feeding will appear uneven reduce production capacity, product size is too large, the spring moves frequently, bowl bearing pressure, power consumption increased.
2. There should be iron removal device to prevent the crush cavity enter the iron, if the iron enter frequently, it may cause a crush shaft accident.
3.To full load production, otherwise it will appear product grain is rough.
4. The crushing ratio distribution of production line in should be reasonable, so as to maximize the efficiency of the crusher.
5.The spring pressure is not too tight, too much stress will be crush shaft accident, spring pressure is too small will frequently beat, impact crusher work, and products of grain size.
6.Oil temperature cannot be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the operation of the machine.
7.The lubricating oil should be changed frequently, not too dirty, too dirty will speed up the gear and bowl, sleeve wear, or even make the research sleeve die.