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Treatment method of abnormal vibration of sand crusher in the production


 If sand crusher equipment appears abnormal vibration phenomenon, it will not only affects the gravel crushing effect in production , but also it will have a greater noise to accelerate the damage of the components, it should be processed so as soon as possible to allow the machine to return to a normal state.

The following is the way to deal with this fault:
1. Pay attention to the installation of equipment, to lay the foundation and ensure the robustness. In the production process, we pay attention to check the foot bolt structure is normal.
2 sand crusher used mutual friction and crushing and crushing (rock hit stone) by high-speed rotation of the material, it must be in accordance with the maximum size of feeding machine technical parameters specified in the table size, the production process is strictly prohibited to exceed the specified size of the material enters the crusher.
3.Usually replace the bearing seat, bearing and other parts should pay attention to the structure of the maintenance, regular refueling lubrication, regular inspection